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Vibez by S.H.E.

Superlative Women Anthology (Collaborative Book)

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Superlative Women Anthology

****NOV 15, 2022 RELEASE DATE****

Book Description:

Superlative Women is the book you’ve been longing for. Sheroes from all walks of life join forces to discover their voices, stand up to their stories and show you how to heal from the inside out. 

This book is your walking flashlight and guide to navigating through what life has described as dark moments, feeling alone, divorce, self-sabotage, discrimination, experience with the criminal justice system and so much more. As you turn the pages of this book, you will be introduced to women who are ready to break their silence. Those who have faced obstacles that they couldn’t see their way through felt impossible to break free from. These women are NOW ready to stand up to their stories.

These brave unapologetic women share what felt like dark moments, but readers these words are for you to see the hidden strength even you possess in dark times. These words serve as a light unto thy feet and silent reminders (when you need them most) along your path. As you read the pages, you may discover new things about yourself, may you laugh in places you didn’t even know that needed it, may cry, and maybe even be a little shocked. One thing is for sure, you’ll be the light in any dark moment!

                                “Stand UP to your story. Be your own hero.”  


How to: Find strength in the dark, allowing you to heal from the inside out.

This book highlights the stories of women who have found strength in the dark.